The UT Southwestern’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center’s Research Registry Program is offered to persons who are interested in our research studies and want to be contacted regarding possible study participation. After contact information is entered on this page, a coordinator will contact the potential study participant to explain more about this program and to request consent for storing contact information in the Registry. Once that information is stored, a research study coordinator will contact the person about possible participation in a specific study or studies. Participation in this Registry is completely voluntary and a person may withdraw their consent and information from this program at any time. Also, enrolling in the Registry Program does not require a person to participate in any research study about which he or she is contacted.

Participation in this Registry Program requires that a person is 18 years of age or older, is willing and able to travel to UT Southwestern for research studies, if applicable, does not have active cancer, and must have a study partner who is 18 years of age or older. A study partner is someone who either lives with the person or knows the person well enough to be able to answer questions about the changes in their memory, thinking, and functioning.

If these requirements are met and you would like to have your contact information stored for possible participation in current or future research study or studies, please leave the information requested on this form and a coordinator will follow-up with you about this Registry Program.

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